What will you tell your kids?

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ob_dcd3df_unnamedWhen I was young, my dad taught me how to fish, how to make a catapults, how to catch a snake with a stick of wood… All these typical things that make you proud of your father.

He always had funny stories about him and his friend.

Except the fact that it sometimes encouraged me to do the stupids things he did, I think that it is a part of education. If your father is a good model when you are a child, you automatically respect him when you grow up.

You may be think that a father is always a model for a kid, I don’t think so.

Anyway, one question has always been on my mind:

What stories will I tell my kids?

To be honest, it is THE question that pushed me to do a World Tour.

Of course I wanted to do it for myself, I had never traveled before and I really wanted to learn from others cultures, to discover new medicines, new landscapes…

But I had good friends, a good job and I was happy in my city. My roomate always told me: you must be scared to leave your lifestyle right?

Actually, I was.

I was spending a lot of time getting information about this kind of travel.

One night, I just asked myself , what will I answer when my kids ask me: why have you never traveled?

Certainly, I would invent good excuses…

But the real reason would have been: Because I was scared, I would have loved to, but I was scared.

It was just unbearable to think about it, so I bought my around the world ticket that night.


Today, after 6 months, I am still traveling and I’m going to do a road trip along the East coast of Australia in few days.

But I already imagine myself telling him how I met monks in India, how I met an Immam in Dubai, how aggressive the komodo dragons were…

Maybe I will confess to him that he helped me to buy my plane ticket.

In any case, I still have to meet his mother…